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Cloud based software

We have a decentralized cloud based platform that is available to your business for free. You only require a reliable internet connection to your control room and a dedicated screen to run a browser like Chrome. T&Cs apply.

Customer Management

Our software includes a customer and device management interface to manage information like medical, personal characteristics, assets, vehicles or animals. Devices can be used for live tracking of guards, vehicles. Geo-fences can also be setup to track when a device enters or leaves a specific area.

Anti-Removal Feature

The MyLifeline Watch comes with an anti-removal feature. It can be used in specific cases where your control room must be notified when the watch is removed from the wearers wrist. The software can either send a SMS or create a control room signal that needs to be handled.

Active Trackers

Track your guard vehicles, guards and assets with either the Watch or Matchbox devices.

Benefits as Reseller

- Additional Revenue Stream.

- Market to your existing client base.

- Offer value added services to your clients.

- No additional hardware required.

- No capital outlay to implement.

- Use existing control room operators to monitor.

Cyprus & Greece

S.V Emergency Angel Ltd are the exclusive resellers for these territories. Contact them directly for any reseller opportunities.