Press and Hold the Panic button

When you press and hold the silver button on the watch or the single black button on the matchbox for 3 seconds a signal will be sent through the Vodacom cellular network to our servers. The watch will show PANIC SENT on the screen and make a sound and vibrate. The matchbox will make a loud beep sound.

Control room receive the signal

The 24/7 manned control room will receive the signal with all your medical details, estimated gps location and emergency contacts.

SMS Notifications

Up to 5 selected contacts of your choice will receive a SMS with the estimated GPS location of the emergency situation. This happens at the same time the panic signal is sent to the control room operator.

Emergency operator

The emergency operator will phone the device directly to first establish the nature of the emergency. If emergency services are required they will be dispatched. If there is no answer on the device the operator will start calling the emergency contacts in the order you specified.